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Mar 23, 2015 Messages: 11 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 Hey everyone. So I was wondering what the optimal temps are for a PS3. As most of you know, the magic of DeanK and other PS3 scene developers has made it possible to get real-time temperatures even in-game. My PS3 is a FAT MGS4 Edition.

Room temp ranges from 20-24c, highest idle after the 20 minutes and then cool down was 66c when i first applied the paste, it's been around the 60c mark since a few heatup and cool down cycles. I'm going for what good temps would be while letting the system handle the cooling instead of payload, webman, or user speed.

10 Lista de temperaturas 10.1 Pruebas Hechas por el Usuario ‾-‾ Temperaturas de nuestras PS3 ¿De que va todo esto? Todos sabemos que una consola fresquita es una consola feliz, y que al igual que...

¿Que temperatura alcanza tu Playstation 3? La guia del maniaco que no pase de 40º🔥 TheWizWiki 394K subscribers Join Subscribe 2.7K 92K views 3 years ago 🚩 Nuevo en el canal? Activa la 🔔...

Actual overheat (as per sony specifications) starts at 80c,at that temp you will receive a message saying that your PS3 is overheating,for fats a range between 70c-78c should be considered standard,keep in mind that a YLOD is not due to overheating,you can run your console at 65c and still get a YLOD. WavesOfLove1997 • 1 yr. ago

Ideal CPU temp for PS3 fat I'm curious what the goal temp is for the PS3 phat CPU. Webman is saying my temp is 68°C or 154°F. I don't think it's too terrible but I'm wondering what temp it should be at. 2 6 DragoonC71 • 2 yr. ago I set up my Fat ps3 like this (through webman) -Enabled Dynamic Fan control --Auto at 60° --Lowest 40% Fanspeed .

Quieres ayudar al Canal? Deja tu Aporte la temperatura de tu Playstation 3 con la aplicación Webman MOD y ponla a...

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