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The issue is that the PSP Street doesn't support the 6.31 firmware or any firmware below it, sadly meaning that it's incompatible with this. Davee stated that later on he might try to get Infinity working on the Street models, but as of this writing it's sadly incompatible. Can I Install this on my old 1000/2000?

Download links are available below. You need to have a PSP on OFW 6.30, 6.31, 6.35, or 6.36 to run this Homebrew Enabler. If you have a different Firmware, please check our CFW For Dummies guide to get the Homebrew Enabler that matches your firmware.

One of the best CFW [Release] PRO-C2 Custom Firmware Collection Postby Rahim-US » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:25 am Hello everyone, Here are the new Pro CFW for FW 6.30, 6.31, 6.36, 6.37 and 6.38, this CFWs are not official, the cIPL is included for the hackable PSP (01g and 02g). Download links (Update 3): 01. 02. 03 ...

Download link: What seems to be an early and leaked version of the newest custom firmware by Team M33. Showcasing the new features, the installer and an all-new, improved Recovery Menu! (Bootup + VSH) Also managed to install an old, classic theme! Took a while to convert every bitmap, though.

Installation To install the update you need to do the following: Download the version you desire (if from here, extract the zip directory). Connect your PSP to your computer with the USB cable, and go to Settings > USB Connection. The PSP will now connect as a memory stick to your computer.

Depending on your PSP model, you might need to install Infinity or cIPL to make it permanent on any PSP model. PRO and LME are custom firmware while Infinity and cIPL is a exploit to allow it to stay permanent. Visit this page if you need to update to 6.60 or 6.61 before installing custom firmware: Update PSP Official Firmware.

PSP Official Firmware 6.31 - OFW 6.31 - Downloads PSP Firmware OFW 6.31 File Description PSP ® system software version 6.31 New for 6.31: System software stability during use of some PSP® format software titles has been improved. [By Format] has been added to the options menu for [Group Content].

To begin Download the Official PSP 6.60 firmware and update your PSP. To update the PSP simply extract the PSP folder from the 6.60 update RAR file and move it to your PSP's memory stick. As you can see below the PSPGAMEUPDATE folder contains the EBOOT.PBP update.

Now on your PSP go to Game > Memory stick then launch the 6.60 update, follow the instructions to install the update: 2. Installing the custom firmware: Now Download the PSP 6.60 PRO-C2 custom firmware if you are on 6.00. If you are on 6.61 Download the PSP 6.61 PRO-C2 custom firmware. Inside this RAR file you will find 3x folders that you need:

PRO Firmware, also known as PRO CFW/procfw/PRO Custom Firmware, is an Aftermarket Firmware for Playstation Portable developed by Coldbird, Virtuous Flame (aka Liquidzigong) and members of Team PROs (The Prometheus team). It is featured at the PSP Genesis Competition 2011 (Main prizes 2nd place, PSP-Hacks vote winner, PSPGen vote 2nd place).

Download: PSP CFW 6.35 PRO-A

Sony PSP System Software Sony PSP System Software 6.31 Download Now! Direct link Fixes:System software stability during use of some PSP® format software titles has been improved.Ga Last update 11 Dec. 2013 Licence Free OS Support Windows Downloads Total: 1,820 | Last week: 12 Ranking #3 in Firmware Publisher Sony Users rating: 1 2 3 4 5

PSP Custom Firmware for dummies You got a new PSP, you want to run homebrews and backups, but you're lost with all the terms CFW, HEN, M33, Pro CFW… or you're simply looking for a quick and easy guide to get the best solution for your PSP? Well, you've come to the right place.

PSP CFW (NOOB Friendly Edition) 6.60 PRO C2 = 1of2 (CFW) 2016-09-30. This is ONE, of the TWO Download Links, for the All-In-One "PSP CFW (NOOB Friendly Edition) 6.60 PRO C2" package. Everything you need to get started putting CFW on your PSP will be included. Johnnie likes this.

PSP CFW 6.31/6.35 PRO - How to install + DOWNLOAD lugiax96 69 subscribers Subscribe 82K views 12 years ago How to install Here ist the download link:

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